Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ:  What do you need from me to produce my project?

I need your final script and the file format you need (MP3, Wav, AIFF, a telephony format. etc).  If you are producing prompts for telephony or for a presentation I need the exact file names.  Also, please be sure to let me know how fast you need the job.  If you are in a rush please call me.  I can usually accommodate.

FAQ: How fast can you produce my project?

Really fast!  Short jobs are usually delivered within 24 hours. Longer projects (over 1500 words for narration or extensive telephony orders) require a little extra time.  Medical narrations may take a bit longer depending on how much research needs to be done for pronunciations and technical clarifications. When you place your order we'll discuss your schedule and set a realistic delivery time.

FAQ:  Can I direct the session myself?

Yes.  We can do a SKYPE session or a Google video call.  Alternatively,  I can send you the first minute or two of a narration so you can evaluate it on your own and give me feedback.  Whatever you're comfortable with works for me.

FAQ:  Can I try you out before I decide to book you?

You bet.  I'm happy to record a short sample of your project that you can use to evaluate my sound.

FAQ:  What about retakes?

Sometimes things don't always go as planned, do they?  I understand.  If you need to make minor script revisions after the job has been delivered I will gladly re-record the changes as long as they take place within 2 weeks of delivery.

If you're doing a major re-write then we'll discuss a reasonable price for the re-record.  My goal is to make you happy, not nickel and dime you.

The best situation is for you to have your script completely approved before you send it to me so that we can move forward as fast as possible with less chances of retakes.  If I have questions about something in your script I will either call you for clarification or simply record alternate takes so will have options in post production.

FAQ: How is my material delivered?

If your project is under 4MB I usually email it.  If it's larger I can deliver by ftp or Drop Box.  I can also burn a cd or dvd and send it by Fed Ex if you like, however, you would be responsible for shipping and hardware costs.

FAQ: What sort of Spanish do you speak ?

Some call it "neutral Spanish", or Pan American Spanish.  My family is from Colombia.

FAQ: Do you translate?

Translation is not my field of expertise.  Please bring me your project once it has been professionally translated.

FAQ: Do you speak any other languages?

I am fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and I am comfortable recording short projects in Portuguese.  If you're looking for another language I have fabulous industry contacts and will gladly recommend one of them to you.

FAQ: How much do you charge?

Please contact me for a quote at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

FAQ:  What's in the studio?

Neumann U87.  Motu Microbook II interface.

FAQ: What is your background?

I've worked in the entertainment industry since the mid 1980's.  First as a camera assistant and then as an actress.  I've been working in voice overs since the late 1990's. This behind-the-lens/in-front-of-the-lens experience has given me a unique perspective on the industry.

My acting credits include dozens of independent films and theater productions, including leading roles in Oedipus Rex, The Seagull, and the Captain's Paradise.  I've appeared in or voiced dozens of commercials and commercial campaigns.  I was the Spanish Language spokesperson for Rent A Center and  "Lois the Internet lady" for BellSouth during the mid 1990's. To date I have narrated over 30 audiobooks and was nominated for an Audie award in 2011.

I have lived all over the United States (New England, North Carolina, Minnesota, California) and I spent 6 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I became fluent in Portuguese.  I was born in Santiago, Chile.

I'm a mother of twins and a graduate of Stanford University.  In my free time I dance flamenco. Wink

FAQ: How do I pay you?

I will invoice you and you can pay by check.